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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1. 
Where are you located?

Answer 1. 

Our warehouse is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis International Airport is 25 minutes from our location.

Question 2. 
Do you sell computers or other items in smaller quantities than container loads?

Answer 2. 
Yes, anything on our website can be purchased. 

Question 3. 
Do you accept offers on your products? Will you be willing to discount your asking price?

Answer 3. 
We accept offers on the products we sell. Full details can be found at

Question 4.
Can I inspect the items I buy before paying for them?

Answer 4.
On high dollar lots ($10,000 or more) you are welcome to come and meet us and inspect the items you plan on buying. Contact us for tour information. Almost all of our long time buyers visited us on their first deal but we are seeing more new buyers choose to trust our online reputation - Our goal is to make every single purchase on this website perfect. 

Question 5.
What is your warranty? How can I make sure these are good tested units?

Answer 5. 

On small lots or single items, we offer a 30 day (after delivery) standard warranty. We fully test and run a quality control process on all our items to ensure you do not experience the need to return a product of ours.

On container loads we guarantee 98%+ good condition working units. We typically achieve higher than this. 30 day warranty on container loads. Contact us if you have further questions regarding the warranties we offer. We have never had a container buyer complain about the condition of the units they received <--- this is the truth. We have accurate descriptions, every item tested, every item verified, and confirmed counts on everything we sell. 

Question 6.
Can GW TECH PARTS contact me when more items are for sale?

Answer 6.
Add your email to our mailing list at the bottom of our website in the red color bar. Or, send us your email and company details so we can add you to our mailing list!

Question 7.
How do I pay for my items? What forms of payments do you accept?

Answer 7.
Please see our payment info page

Question 8.
Will you ship these items overseas for me?

Answer 8.
Please see our payments and shipping page at

Question 9.
Do you offer financing or net 30 terms?

Answer 9. 
No, but you can get financing through paypal - see the banner below:

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