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Our Testing Process




  1. Every single item that we sell has been verified to reflect the descriptions we provide. We only sell items that we have tested - we do not resell items from other sellers. 

  2. We test each and every used item fully.

  3. Every single item that is tested is ran through a quality control process where a Quality Control Technician will inspect the item and the details provided by the original technician.

  4. Every single item has a unique barcode linked to full specifications, including any defects, which are tracked in our database. Our accuracy in our descriptions is constantly near 100% company-wide.

  5. Our items are packaged to withstand any potential damage during shipping. We have a time tested packaging method that works great.

Our quality control process ensures units are properly tested and the details we provide you on this website are 100% accurate. We know many other companies do not accurately describe their items for sale and this causes problems for you. Our spec sheets are accurate, our packaging methods are time tested, our products are in stock, and we will NEVER waste your time.



Complete Life Cycle:


  1. A used electronic device is loaded onto one of 250+ test benches for one of our well qualified technicians to inspect. The technician begins to run the corresponding documented test protocols that we have developed for that type of device.

  2. Once the technician has verified that the unit meets our guidelines for a working unit, he places a "Quality Check Ready" tag on the barcode and records all data related to that device into our inventory system.

  3. Our quality control team verifies EVERY unit that our technicians place into "Quality Check Ready" status. The quality control team also verifies that ALL specifications are entered into our inventory system correctly. The quality control team also verifies physical condition and appearance. Our inventory system tracks which technician worked on a particular unit, the time that the technician worked on that unit, the quality control team member that checked the unit, and the time it was unloaded.

  4. Pallet contents are verified by the quality control team prior to the picture team documenting the pallets. Proper shrink wrap thickness and industrial strapping ensure that pallets of merchandise arrive safely to the final destination in the exact shape we prepare them in.

  5. We prepare desktop computers on Grade A pallets at predetermined heights to ensure a safe delivery. LCD monitors are placed in bubble bags to ensure that all screens are not damaged. Hard drive lots are placed into individual anti-static bubble bags to ensure safe delivery. Laptops are wrapped in industrial grade bubble wrap to ensure no damages occur.


Packaging Example:

We take pride in our packaging of items you purchase. We have a full time packaging department for getting items ready for shipment. 

Below is an example of a pallet of laptops that is being prepared for shipping overseas. We use high quality bubble wrap, extra strength gaylord boxes, heavy duty strapping, and thick plastic wrap to ensure safe delivery of your items. 






Buyers are welcome to inspect the items prior to loading the container or truck. We welcome the opportunity to have you visit us.

We have shipped THOUSANDS of pallets worldwide over the last 10 years without issues. Our buyers are happy. 

Buy with confidence, buy from GW TECH PARTS!